How to treat gastritis naturally

How to treat gastritis naturally

Have you ever felt the burning sensation in your stomach making you crawl until aching stops? Oh, it may be gastritis causing you discomfort. If you feel that gastritis affects you, listen to my speech. Gastritis is a characteristic of inflammation occurring within the gut. It can activate in number of ways. Mainly, this ailment arises due to the delay or skipping meals. Although it seems simple, you have to be very careful and beware of suffering from gastritis. If the sickness continues for a long time, this illness becomes incurable leading to suffer in your whole life. In this video, we're going to point out several facts to treat gastritis naturally.

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Nowadays, a significant percentage of world people are suffering from gastritis at acute stage. How the gastritis infect guts.

I would like to present some worthy precautions before entering deeper to find remedies.

Gastritis springs up due to the delay of meals.

If you don’t have meals, when appetite arises hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach and other secretions damage the protective layers of guts. Due to the inflammation of gut lining it leads to inflammation of the mucosa. Mucosa is the lower layer of the guts. When the damage is spread to the mucosa, it affects to transfer the effect to the abdominal nerves making pain. So, we feel the sense of irritation making us pain. This can be cured by taking meals in time.

If the above harmful situation continues more dangerous bacteria knows as Helicobacter Pylori starts to activate. This bacterium can’t be destroyed easily. It can grow in acidic medium of the stomach. So, the bacteria continue the damaging mucosa making great pain. For controlling this, long time therapy is essential.

Helicobacter pylori bacteria can enter into someone’s body through mouth. So, be careful not to contact the other’s mouth which can transfer the harmful bacteria into your will develop the risk of gastritis. Furthermore, the bacteria have genetic inheritance for gastritis.

When it comes to lifetime choices such as alcohol, spicy food, anti-inflammatory drugs and autoimmune issues can develop gastritis. You must be deeply concerned about bad food and drug habits.

Chronic gastritis can also be caused by bile making its way into the stomach, connective tissue disorders and liver or kidney failure. Another factor is old age. When you become old, stomach lining tends to be thin. So, older population is more likely to experience Helicobacter Pylori than young generation.

Dear friends, one major symptom of gastritis is burning pain in the stomach region and within the upper abdomen. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, belching, indigestion and loss of appetite.

1. Diet controlling for preventing gastritis

I would like to present some home remedies. Remember all these remedies will not work for everyone. Try most of them and select what works best for your case. However, research has shown that diet controlling causes to prevent gastritis. Keep a food diary and identify which food develops symptoms of gastritis. So, you can start reducing their intake or avoid certain food all together.

Following are the foods normally contribute to inflammation of the gut lining. They are,
  • Processed junk food 
  • Gluten 
  • Acidic food 
  • Dairy food 
  • Spicy food 
  • Sugary food and alcohol 
Furthermore, you can eat frequently in small meals. This helps to reduce any excessive acid build up in your stomach.

2. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol

These habits cause for both acute and chronic gastritis. When you smoke the poisonous nicotine damages the protective layer in stomach. Likewise, alcohol also makes the same harmful effect. So, you should stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

3. Use of garlic extract

Some researchers suggest that garlic can help to reduce symptoms of gastritis. They say, crushing raw garlic and eating can work well. If you don’t like to eat raw garlic try to chop the garlic and eat with peanut butter.

4. Effect of coconut water

You can drink tender coconut water while you are suffering from gastritis. You know that coconut water is rich in fibre, vitamin, glucose and it helps to aid digestion. So, coconut water prevents the re-occurrence of acidity.

Furthermore, it is famous for cooling the lining of the stomach. Then, your burning sensation reduces. When you drink fresh coconut water, keep sipping it till your pain goes down.

Specially, try to make a habit to drink coconut water every day.

5. Drink green tea with Manuka honey (Australian product with the help of bees)

Do you know? One study has shown that drinking green tea or black tea once a week could reduce he prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in the digestive system.

Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties than helps to fight inflection. So, it is also be beneficial.

Honey protects against the damage caused by bacteria. It has the anti –inflammatory action and it can heal the damaged gut lining.

6. Drinking excessive amount of water

You can drink excessive amount of water to soothe the pain of the stomach. Although it is a temporarily remedy just for the pain, it can prevent the continuous damage by acidic medium to the stomach.

7. Drinking juice of papaya or cabbage

According to the nutritionist opinion, dinking papaya juice is really good for the inflammation of your stomach. So, try to eat usually shredded raw papaya when you have an acute pain of gastritis.

Furthermore, cabbage is rich with vitamins which are well known to heal ulcers. These vitamins can heal the stomach lining and get rid of gastritis. You can cut the cabbage to pieces and blend cabbage pieces with your blender. After that, you can drink fresh cabbage juice with few carrots and celery. It may make your cabbage juice healthier and tastier even more.

So, you feel that you are relieved from the trouble of gastritis. You may feel happy.

8. Use of cannabis

Researchers have found that gastritis is associated with mood disorders like anxiety, depression and panic attack. Cannabis is commonly prescribed to control these mental disorders. So, cannabis can be considered to relieve the patients who are acutely suffering from gastritis, but must use with the doctors’ instructions. As cannabis is a narcotic it must be used with thorough care.

Finally, we have to inform you;

If the case of gastritis is mild, don’t need thorough attention. When you feel that the patient is at risk in gastritis, contact your physician. You must pay attention, if abdominal pain accompanied by fever or nausea persist and don’t respond to self-care measures within 24 hours.