Why some people are left handed

Let’s discuss some facts about left handed people.

Only 10% of the population is left handed whose brains and bodies of lefties may operate differently than right handed people. They seem different and they are being highlighted as minority among those of right handed people.

They may try to do the same task in a different way compared to righties. Why do you feel, that there is different patterns on left handed people. Because you are living in a right handed world. Majority of the people are right handed.

So, among righties, if you see lefties they may be women or men, whoever they are, you stick with a feeling that they have special skills.so, their abilities may have differences and empathic facts including their tasks.

Whatever it is? In the world it seems like an unfair place for the lefties. You know, most of the equipment aren’t designed for lefties. It wasn’t long ago, most of lefties were forced to eat and write with their right hands.

This condition still persists in most of the places in the world.

Effect of ultra sound

There is a theory that ultra sound may affect the brains of unborn children. Scientist say, exposing to ultra sound can cause higher rates of left handedness in children. Mothers receive ultra sound during pregnancy have probably more chances to give birth to lefties.

Symmetry of the body

Neuroscientists know that reversal control in brain hemisphere tends to make lefties more. Furthermore, scientists have shown having and equal symmetry and balance between all four brain parts is of the most benefits. Making all the body parts working equally.

Another opinion of people

Throughout the history left handedness is meant that lefties were singled out as they are unclean and comes from witches. In ancient time writing with your left hand was accused. They considered the devil himself was a lefty. This is the opinion of the majority of the people in under developed countries However, I would like to handover the opinion to you whether to accept or ignore?

Genetic reason and handedness

It is well known that being left handedness is due to genetic reasons. Human geneticist of Scotland University has shown some doubts about the above fact. He has researched to discover a gene that decides handedness.

So, all over the world accept that genes are responsible for the different handedness righties or lefties. But the problem arises, researchers haven’t found such genes.

Scientists argue that the gene is the decisive factor for the handedness. It is a pity, they couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the gene might lie. Therefore, it is fascinating but also puzzling.

Motherhood and handedness

As next step, do you know? Latest study reveals that another fascinating fact is that mothers who become pregnant in their 40s and beyond were twice likely to have a left handed baby.

Moreover, they have found women who give birth between the ages of 30 and 35, have 25% greater chance of giving birth to a lefty.

Finally, I would like to say a funny prediction. We might pay attention to the happening since more and more of us are delaying motherhood, they might give birth to left handed children. Perhaps if it happens lefties will rule the world someday.
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