Natural ways to treat depression and anxiety

Natural ways to treat depression and anxiety

Today I would like to express the most important health key factors that you have never heard of. All these will be recommended by any specialist doctor in the world. First of all you have to realize what depression and anxiety is? Before finding treatment for that you and your neighbours must understand about the chronic situation of the patient.

It’s true. Depression can be followed by anxiety when anxiety is chronic. It leads to depression. Although, we feel these two sicknesses look like same. They have competently different symptoms. If you can identify the sickness separately, it is easy to treat and you have to be very careful as you are being misguided by wrong instructions. A person suffering from anxiety can face the problem of depression due to the chronic situation of anxiety. Sometimes, depression may be associated with anxiety. But, about 50percent of anxiety patients do not become the victims of depression.

Likewise, those who become victims of depression will never face the problem of anxiety. They are directly depression patients who are fed up with everything.

Furthermore, if we consider about depression associated with anxiety it has to be treated for anxiety.

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Now we can find the symptoms of the sicknesses.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression

Normally, the sense of anxiety feeling being overwhelmed and not able to handle life is a sorrowful experience. If somebody is suffering from anxiety, you can identify the prominent symptoms as nervousness, agitation, tension, racing heart and chest pain. Patient is thoroughly worried and suspicious over the ability to proceed with something. Moreover, patient starts feeling that people will say something harsh or rude. So, His daily routing work can’t be planned because he has a deeply rooted doubt whether he can achieve the task or not?

Next factor to be discussed in my speech is the depression that leads to utter frustration and despair among people. Sometimes depression occurs when you have to face problems in your life rather than biochemical imbalance. Breaking of love, problem of the divorce, financial problems, challenges against your integrity and sexually restlessness may be the causes for that.

When you think about anxiety, if it is untreated anxiety can get worse and cause more stress in a person’s life. However, it is treatable with therapy, natural remedies, meditation and changes of lifestyle. So, you may need to try several types of therapies and remedies before finding one that works well. Remember, if the case is severe, then you have to consult a doctor to determine the opinion.

The problem of depression and anxiety normally does not respond to psychotherapeutic medications. It is well known some parents who have tried everything to make their dependents cured haven’t succeeded.

More than 18% percent of adults in most of the countries are affected by disorders of anxiety and depression. You will be surprised to hear that the desperate people who have tried 30 to 40 different kinds of anti-depressants and drugs for anxiety have not recovered. This is the most sorrowful condition of the innocent victims of these sicknesses.

Actually, you all must know anxiety and depression have a direct association with mental health of a person. If we can direct them to straighten the mental power, these sicknesses can be cured in due course.

Let’s consider how to overcome these problems using natural remedies and therapies.

1. Exercises to overcome depression and anxiety.

Researchers have found exercising is a great way to burn off anxious energy. Anxiety cause by stress and normal depression may be reduced by exercises. You know, exercising is better to lie in a comfortable position and slowly contract and relax all muscle groups. Start from the toes and work up to shoulders and jaw. So, exercitation for relaxation overcomes anxiety.

When some people quit smoking, they start suffering from anxiety. So, exercises can benefit people with such weaknesses.

Likewise, depression encircles your mental situation in a world of despair and unhappiness. When you move your body with exercises, it increases the releasing of endorphins making you happy. Endorphin is a chemical to develop your happy feelings. Endorphins act like a natural anti-depressant.

2. Food for controlling depression

Lower secretion of serotonin chemical in the brain is the reason for depression because serotonin acts as a mood stabilizer. Foods such as eggs, cheese, pineapple, nuts and seeds enhance the intake of serotonin into your body. This is also helpful to reduce depression.

3. Never skip meals

You must be careful not to skip meals. When you skip meals, your blood sugar stability reduces. Then, it causes for depression. Likewise, you have to avoid caffeine which reduces serotonin level causing depression.

4. Massage and acupuncture

The healing power of touch, both of massage and acupuncture help to restore the emotional balance of the body.

Additionally being physically relaxed, massage and acupuncture help to produce good chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin hormones. Numbers of studies have proven this. So, this can be considered as a remedy for above sicknesses.

5. Exposing yourself to sunlight

Exposing you to sunlight increases vitamin D level. When you are living, somewhere you can get little sun light use a therapeutic light box. It will help you to control depression.

6. Meditation to reduce anxiety and depression

Setting your mind for meditation, it can lift your mental stability. This may be the most effective and healthier way to combat with depression. It can sedate your mind and find inner peace. Meditation can help to slow racing thought making it easier to manage stress and anxiety. It has a number of meditation styles including mindfulness meditation and doing yoga. So, you can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety by practicing meditation and yoga exercises.

7. Writing

Researchers have found that creative writing can help children and teens to manage anxiety. They can use time properly for doing useful works like writing to express thoughts and making them feel happy. So, writing is a better way to treat anxiety.

8. Time management ease anxiety.

If somebody is suffering from anxiety they like to have many commitments at once. They are anxious to do so much of work. They may be associated with family works and health related activities. But they are unable to cope with the tasks which they have to complete. If they have plan in place for the next necessary action can help to reduce anxiety. If time management strategy done effectively can help people to focus on one task at time and engage in the next step easily. If it is a stressing major project you have to break into manageable parts to ease the stress and anxiety.

9. Aromatherapy

Smelling the soothing plant oils ease stress and anxiety. Certain scents help to promote the mental situation reducing the anxiety. Researchers have found the effect of aromatherapy with lavender.

10. Cannabis and marijuana oil to treat anxiety

Although these are classified as narcotics the small doses of these oils help greatly to reduce anxiety. These are natural herbal drugs.

11. Use of herbal teas to reduce anxiety

Although the people drink tea to sooth their nerves tea has a different effect on the brain resulting reduce anxiety. The effect of tea is that it can reduce stress making hormones cortisol in the brain.

12. Spending time with animals

It’s confirmed that pets can be beneficial to people with various mental problems. Pets can deliver companionship, support and love towards human beings making them happy.

So, effect of anxiety gradually decreases. Anxiety and stress associated with trauma can be reduced by spending time with animals.

In conclusion, I have thoroughly gone through the effects of anxiety and depression and the natural remedies to treat anxiety and depression. But in cases due to the over active situation of the thyroid, it may lead to anxiety disorders. These problems are troubling the whole world. So, accurate diagnosis must be done to ensure the sickness. Then only it can be directed to receive the best treatment.

My speech may be helpful you to make necessary changes to treat them naturally and get rid of these sicknesses of anxiety and depression.

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  1. Yes...I agree that exercise really helps to reduce depression but you can also take medications like some organic supplements for depression to get better results.