Name cheap Review 2021

Name cheap Review 2021

Name cheap is genuine solution for hosting in the world today. All the bloggers have an unprecedented cost effective choice and aspiration. They give the massive support for their customers.

► The type of hosting that name cheap offers, 
They are the leaders of supplying various types of hosting plans. Mainly they are with wallet friendly shared hosting options on the internet. They are mostly effective for small scale and large scale business. If your idea is to have control on your server, you have VPS hosting allowing you to get root access, Large companies use dedicated server which are top tier. They sells apps, private email hosting and top rated domain names.

You can easily get a free domain name having and SSL option.

They are one stop shop with great pricing. They supply shared hosting for less than the use of a domain name for the 1st year. You can get add-ones like whole guard and premium DNS services.

► Their past this company was started by Richard kirkendall in 2000,

In the opinion polls, this domain name was voted as one of the best in  the world. This company started in 2013 as a form of payment accepting Bitcoin. They provide extremely affordable domains and hosting options to user.

The priorities of name cheap.

The company wants to have a solid customer service and offer inexpensive domain and hosting. So name cheap is a popular choice for a first time customary. So name cheap boasts a customer base of over 3 million users over 7 million people own domain names though the name cheap service.

Simple usability and the cheap rates: - today the cheapest domain name priced $.88 for the 1st year. They have maintained the wish level fame as a domain registrar, as opposed to a hosting provider. Anybody can register an account with name cheap to experience.

Uber – minimalist web hosting hub.

Furthermore they have very simple dashboards, and very easy to absorb. It is of user-friendly manner.

Name cheap can make-up your site. When it grows, gradually you are bothered about control or security.

Can OPT for a VPS or dedicated server.

You will never have an unexpected traffic spike. So as a blogger scalability is a important thing to keep in mind.

► Hosting (word press)

It is possible for you to proceed with word press specific plans with the she specific with the shared hosting from name cheap. The word press hosting has standard price. Furthermore, the assistance and tools for going with the word press CMS, especially are included with the word press plans.

a)    Content presentation

b)    Blogging

c)     Design

d)   Search engine optimization (SEO)

e)    Social sharing

f)      Widgets

g)    Data collection

h)   Analytics

i)      Short codes

j)      Customizable 

Are some perform tasks related to popular word press plugins?

You can have number of plugins, custom and some stock helping to tedious tasks to make webmaster much easier.

Another very important matter is that when playing developer the time wasting and unproductive if you do not use the correct.

Skill -set word press was introduced those who are ambitions to get functional website up and running very fast and additional plugins provide support this goal.

⏬Hosting (shared)

Name cheap has three shared hosting plans.


Stellar06 plus


Stellar business



Unlimited accelerated


20 GB accelerated






Website allowance





Data center locations

US and UK

US and UK

US and UK

They have very cheap and sold as yearly packages. Actually their 1st year of name cheap share.
Hosting night even be cheaper than the average domain name after the 1st year  you can expect the yearly pricing to go up, but it when compared to the other options on the market it is a great deal.

You must try to select a control closer to you but in UK and USA name cheap have data centers, so it is not a matter for the task.

πŸ‘ Shared plan features

For all plans, you have advantages of 20GB of accelerated SSD disk space and unlimited hand width.

You can have full access to c panel and a guarantee of 100% is sure.

It is notable that unlimited parked domains are ensured for all plans.

Some other features are under mentioned.
a)    πŸ‘‰Free apps over 100
b)   πŸ‘‰Email accounts and web mail supporting

c)     πŸ‘‰Databases at least 50 my sol
d)   πŸ‘‰Perl, Apache, PHP, Java Script, Ruby on Rails, and some others.

e)    πŸ‘‰Malware and virus scanner.
f)      πŸ‘‰Backup for package biweekly.

g)    πŸ‘‰Dashboard stats for your websites.

h) πŸ‘‰The programmes like word press, Joomla and Drupal can be installed in one click.

   Guarantee for money back. They maintain user-friendly and stable infrastructure facilities. Next important feature is that they are not hesitate for 14 day money back guarantee, but they offer 30 day long money back guarantee for all stellar and business plans, which can be truly achieved.

πŸ–§Hosting {(VPS) virtual private server}

The shared hosting VPS is the next set-up from shared hosting it supplies. Affordable plans with plenty of control over the sever. So you have to share the server with a handful of websites, but to improve performance the no of websites on the server has to be limited.

When you run server, you have offered self-managed plans to decide which way to proceed. Furthermore full root access is provided by VPS when you proceed with VPS hosting you are offered.

a)    Root level access

b)    IPS free dedicated

c)     Month contracts selecting – 1, 3, 6, 12 months

d)   IPS dedicated freely

e)    Versions selected such as Ubuntu, Debian, Centos or Fedora support.

f)      Ram of 512MB – Ram of 100GB

g)    At least one CPU

h)   Raid protected disc space 15 GB.

             20GB back-up storage for some plans

πŸ–§Dedicated server: -

This server is for high traffic sites. It can control full control over your server.

So with control you can have a full reign over the customization of the server. 

You can even choose. Certain features such as hard ware and operating systems,

Name cheap makes a quick configuration process setting up your server in around four hours.

Server performance (dedicated) the cheapest solution of dedicated plans is from name cheap

You have to spend thousands of dollars for dedicated host but name cheap will make you feel ease with cheaper rates.

Multiple and single CPU plans and multiple course for all plans are included in dedicated hosting features with name cheap. All plans are with 8GB of ram at least 500GB of hard drive and at least 10TB of band width you are supplied with,

a)    A tier IV datacenter located in phoenix.

b)    Hard ware with supper micro server.

c)     Uptime guarantee of 100% for most plans.

Reseller Hosting
It is a simple matter of reselling name cheap infrastructure of name cheap. Anybody can his own website develop client list and can use the name cheap data center and server for their own customers. The plan are economically user friendly, and the can make a profit without spending more money on hardware you can prepay for reseller plans and if you go for two year contract reduce. The monthly rate and save a little cash in long run.

Reseller Features: -   

1.     Hosting (multi-site)
2.     Marketing tools
3.     White labeling
4.     Great servers and support from the name cheap team
5.     A full reseller panel for handling clients
6.     At least 25GB of disc space and at least 1000GB of bandwidth

Additional service: -

You can get free website domains and basic domains come at a yearly price. Namecheap offers the ability to transfer domains or to purchase directly choosing the hosting plans.

Nextly anybody can buy a domain for multiple years a new or soon-to-be webmaster consider buying a domain name for multiple years.

Domain Add-Ons –
1.     Whois guard

This protects your personal information from spammers. Email and name are connected to your web-site so anyone can see if technically. So you can hide any of spams.

Premium DNS

With this you have DDOS protection and a 100% uptime guarantee for as long as you have the DNS.

3.     Positive SSL

Pay for the encryption of all Namecheap has the idea of putting the customer first. Namecheap gives a live chart area for you to post your hosting queries. 

The becoming of the largest domain and hosting provider is not an accident happening. They gained that with the great service and the dedication towards their work. They provide live-chat areas for you to speak to get the real support. Although Namecheap doesn’t have a direct phone line for all plans. But you can check status updates and search through the entire support center to check whether your problem has been talked about in the past.

The greatness of Name cheap 

They have low-budget proposals. They have very easy approaches and simplicity and user–friendly dashboards. Anybody can work a website very easily. He needs only simple idea with little distraction.

Furthermore, you can have amazing tools and freebies in all hosting plans some plans provide SSD support and free domain names are also available. Hosting plans are with low pricing you are not needed to pay additional money used on VPS and E- Commerce sites. The back – ups peace of mind twice a week.

Namecheap: -

Pros and cons we must see why bloggers trust name cheap hosting.

Cons: -

1.     Most of the plans offer 14 day-Money-back.

2.     Limit back-ups (only two per week for the lower tier shared hosting plans) in past 

     10 months.

3.     Average response times are slower than as expected.

4.   Pros: -

1.      (user friendly).

2.     Various plans excellent for scalability.

3.     All plans have free back – ups.

4.     Low-priced high-level domains.

5.     Free SSD

Proposed other companies

A.   Blue host

B.   Host gator

C.   Cool Handel

The above hosting provides a good service for the people you are not pressed select name cheap.

Ø Blue host

They started in 1996. Provides 24/7 … Avenues …Support. They have 99.9% uptime average for the past.

Ø Host gator

They have attraction for blogger as mentioned down,

·        24/7 support.

·        Free worldpress integration with all plans.

·        Certificate free-SSL.

Ø Cool Handel

The name little unfamiliar. But they also excel in the world. They are also highly-equipped for your web-site needs.

·        25 domains  (sub)

·        Storage of 50GB

·        E-mail accounts (5)

·        Brand with unlimited

Furthermore they give 24/7 technical support for all clients.

So must of the mentioned companies are the leaders in the world.

Ø Who name cheap leads in the world -

If you are uninterested affordable shared or VPS hosting. You have got to have affordable dedicated server or a want contacting support on and on you have to select Namecheap.

But they will never ask if you world go with smaller companies for hosting services.

However Namecheap excels of hosting option for all sites. Whether it small in size.


Changing domain from one Namecheap account to other, when purchasing is done you can are able to move domain to another Namecheap account. It is not expired.

Premium DNS and Who is Guard subscriptions will be transferred with your eligible domains if done so, the process can’t be reversed.

Ø Namecheap market place –

They have formed to set of apps for Namecheap integrating users. It is very interesting house feature to have you can plug in straightly within you hosting providers accounts.


Ø When can’t access e panel  –

There may be various error codes. So you can go to a official support avenues, a available 24/7.


Ø Back-up details –

With variation in limitation, in all Namecheap plans backups are included. Stellar plans have a back-up allowance of every week handling up to six backups per week you have prepare up-front and backup lamentations for respective plans and have to check on and on.

Ø My opinion -

So when considered about all companies, Namecheap comes to the top of in marketing world offering unmatchable service to the people in the world.