How To Become Successful in Life Using the Strategies Of Israel People

How To Become Successful in Life Using the Strategies Of Israel People

Life isn’t a bed of roses. It isn’t that you are defeated due to fate or due to god’s will to decide. Keep positive ideology unchanged till you go to the top of the ladder. Most of the people of races, who won their goals had the grand determination to achieve the goals.

The Israel people who were attacked by various ways during various periods were able to stand up to face the challenge today. They are Jews who were massacred by Hitler the cruelest dictator ever born and his wicked army assailants. Hitler’s cruelty towards. Israel Jews was vividly depicted with Ann-Frank’s life story the young Jewish girl who suffered heavily during war time. Hitler’s solders were unable to find her hidden place but unfortunately she was caught and died in the prison at her young age. This incident was composed to a great poem by a great poet and today recited by millions of people all over the world. At the age of fifteen her technic of hiding and the frescoes drawn around her hidden place was admired and her struggle to survive was considered as a great effort for a successful life.

When read more about the following story, you will find how you can achieve the goals.

We must remember Moshe Dayan who led the Israel war against the opponents was a one-eyed man later honored by all the Israelis.

·   Nextly we must go through the autobiography of Israel’s greatest hero Moshe Dayan (birth on May 1915) when there was no country known as Israel before his birth.

· Being people among other races such as Muslims they were ill-treated harassed, under paid and they had to live in a highly withered and dried area.

Sometimes they have chased away from this area by Muslims and other races around them.

Once Moshe reminds how he was chased away from home by Arabian Muslims. That was the period that British rulers were governing his country.

Being suppressed by British rulers as well as Arabian Muslims.

Israelis had to go from place to place. Moshe Dayan was also a victim of Muslims keeping an unforgettable heartening memory about his sad past.

It is a highly unfortunate happening that who weeps for Palestinians never understood the hard-ships and inhumanity suffered by Israelis in the past before liberation. You may imagine the way today of Muslims and behavior of them after they dominate innocent people and how they would treat the other races.

With the attack of Muslims Moshe Dayan had to shift his living place keeping a heartening feeling among all. When he was about 14 years. He was compelled to join Guerilla moment called Hengan to save his race from Muslims. In about 1930s the Arabian Muslims launched rebel against British rulers. Being a forward opponent of Muslims he joined to British, forces to fight against Muslims.

Later the British rulers forbad the Hengan movement, resulting the arrest of Moshe for illegal activities and sentenced two-year imprisonment for him. After release from the imprisonment from jail, he selected another path.

During this period Hitler started the 2nd world war deploying severe war front against Jews the natives of Israel.

Israel however during this period Dayan joined to British forces to fight against Hitler who killed millions of Jews.

Being in the war front, his right eye was injured by a enemy gun shot. However the enemy new that the spine is Moshe in the war front. So their aim was to destroy him somehow or other.  

After winning the world war he was honored by Israel forces and was able to step up grandly in the ladder of progress.

However, the victory of world war wasn’t a healing matter for Israelis from Muslim dictatorship.

In about 1948s he was appointed the executive defense chief of Israel forces making him a land mark in his life but beginning as a desperate innocent lad.

The Muslims began a highly deployed protest against Jews imposing economic sanctions and harassing them.

But Israel people were highly devoted clever and intelligent making a land marks in the world history.

Always Arabic countries wanted to wage war against Israel but Israelis never wanted to start a war against Muslims as there are no of Arabic countries around Israel. In 1956 this army leader Moshe Dayan started attacking armed forces of Muslim countries,

Although this was so difficult but later won the war defeating all Muslim forces. In November 1956 he completed the planed project successfully and captured some areas from Muslim countries. Later he became the defense minister.  

This super hero left Israel army in 1958 and joined to national politics. In 1967 he became the defense minister of the government.

So they started the 6 day war against Muslim, which was decisive war, but he led the forces for victory. In 1972 at Munich town the Israel lost 17 players due to an attack by Quota organization. However, he planned to destroy all the assailants who committed this offence in a period of 20 years.

In 1973 the Yom kin war started and this war had been expressed as unsuccessful. So, Moshe decided to leave politics and handed over his resignation letter to the Prime Minister Golda Myer. But in 1977 he was appointed the foreign minister of Israel. But in 1979 he resigned from that cabinet portfolio and later found that he was suffering from a cancer, he passed away and kept immortal memories among Israel people at the age of 69. However, Israel is one of the strongest, intelligent and sophisticated races in the world. They have established an unbelievable land mark in the world today.

The war against Palestine, Muslims was a severe blow for opponents.

They kept an unforgettable punishment and lesson to the Muslim world in a matter of 10 seconds. They have the most sophisticated weapons and highly trained intelligent army personal today. 

The most important factor in that determination and devotion can turn the upside down at any moment.

You have to learn this from Israelis such as Moshe Dayan the great leader.

Finally the success depends on the great effort done by the people in the world...