Facebook page owner’s grandeur

Facebook page owner’s grandeur

Facebook page owner’s grandeur

Facebook has become the leader of social media in the world having more than 2.65 billion active users so you can imagine how strong and helpful for bringing your product to the heart of the generation.

So it is a must to discuss today about young entrepreneur Mr.Himal Kekulawela owner of  
“I LOVE YOU” Facebook page. I thought of discussing about him to bring the youths to impress the importance of a Facebook page. His Facebook page has passed one million likes becoming a biggest Facebook page.

So, well all should applaud for his successful voyage as a Sri Lankan.
He has passed 10th year in his journey toward success becoming a grand owner of BMW SUV car.

If you go through his career progress,

01.He started his I LOVE YOU page in 2012.

02.His main idea in mind was to create a new and useful platform for Sri Lankan society.

03.His charity works were handing over thousands of books for handicapped children, blood donation        campaign, further helped the people in hard periods like floods, and helped patients who needed             kidney transplant.

04.He has his own I LOVE YOU page and act as admin in more than 100 pages. However, becomes the       popularity high and he earns dollars more than other pages in Sri Lankan.

05.According to him some pages have become reported or blocked due to publishing tit-bits that people     don’t like, so his idea is that advising the page owner to publish worthy articles and posts.

    His advices: -

He says that nobody should go after money, through Facebook page, if content gives a useful true idea automatically money can be earned. His ideas are so much initiative, and he says not to draw-back because of the disappointment. If you can have good contents and good posts one day you will succeed definitely. So finally we must wish him more and more success in his future activities.