Lasantha Wickramasinghe Success Life

Lasantha Wickramasinghe Success Life

He has become one of the greatest creations of mother Sri Lanka in world of computers so far. After hard struggle of life, he has come to the top of the ladder, achieving all the goals that he had to encounter.

Being a member of a middle-class family which their parents have no economy for higher education for his child.

After Advanced level exam results being an unfortunate for young boy, who was being stranded with the outdated education system in Sri Lanka, he had to search for new avenues to uplift his future economy.

Without the economy to get internet connection he was so much worried. But never gave up his goals.

Joining to museum in 2005 he had a special land-mark in his life.

He recalls his past how he had dreamt to browse the internet.

However, achieving one dream, of life he was able to buy a lap-top, after joining to museum making a turning point in his life.

Then his life story makes some sad feeling as well as a pride of being Sri Lankan.

In the start no body in Sri Lanka had earned money or who had been successful in the internet browsing.

He had spent hours and hours to explore the ways, how to earn money from internet.

Gradually he had achieved some ways to earn money from internet. So, working at museum for 7 years he decides to resign from government service. After that he had reading some blogs on e-money and had started his own blog, so he had the idea of receiving Google-AdSense approval.

But according to him, he had said that it was a hard thing to achieve.

So, somebody has a website and if he can have frequent visitors he can apply for google AdSense which gives chance to rent space in website and can earn dollars.

Lasantha left the government office and started spending full time for his e-money earning. He had the ability of earning 2,3 Lakhs of rupees compared to the salary of Rs.15000 per month, in government service.

His ability was building apps. He started his business in a room in his house giving job opportunities for number of youths. The business had started with few computers and later he had to change the location of his business as the business grew-up.

It is very essential for our country earning dollars. So he shoulders his ability to uplift the dollar reserves that Sri Lanka needs. He is a world figure using his skills and technics. So, his character is that he wants to share his abilities with the other colleagues in the country stepping in to the world of freelancing. He had earned with fiverr as well.

There is online entrepreneur’s club initiated by Lasantha. His club group has entered to the world of knowledge sharing and he engages in charity works too.

Today he is the owner of a software development company. But at the beginning he has had a zero knowledge but later he had hired developers. Furthermore, these were highly expensive areas, so after getting investors, now it has successfully in operation.

He has selected an investor from kiwi-land and he is working as the managing director outsmart hub of Sri Lanka.

According to him, “Passion for it and passion for success” is the key point of his success.

With the outsmart hub he has created new platform for bringing the Sri Lankan tech –start-ups. His main idea is to bring the Sri Lanka younger generation to high Level of technology and expose them to international arena.

His life story tells us that poverty is the ladder to achieve goals and lead the world in any filed. He says if your passion for anything will be the key factor to become a rich man, but no poverty hinders it poverty gives a massive upliftment for Lasantha Wickramasinghe’s success.