Water Is Remedy for All Sicknesses

Water Is Remedy for All Sicknesses


Those who drink water as the first intake of the day benefit in various ways.

If you study the Sri Lankan wedda community and Japanese people, They have a longer life span a mainly due to their first task of the day is to start the day with bellyful of pure water.

The world health organization has stressed the need of pure water for a healthy body.

The brainpower and skill of Japanese people are astonishing all the eastern and western scientists and doctors have recommended water consumption can health all the sicknesses.

Namely headache, body pains, Arthritis, epilepsy, bronchitis obesity ashma, kidney and urine troubles, gastritis loose motion and piles diabetics, eye sight abnormalities, womb problems changes on periods, vomiting constipation eye, nose and throat troubles body weaknesses leading to meningitis and cancers can be minimized it you can apply this water treatment.

It is little awesome to start early in 12 hours fasting.

Japanese people drink about boom pure water just after the morning awaking.

You can drink water start the morning timetable. But keeping your mind not consume any other meal for about one-hour high blood.

If you can follow the following drinking method according to the sickness your body functioning becomes firm and steady.

For high blood pressure, 45days continuously.

o   Gastritis        -           One month

o   Diabetics       -           Two months

o   Constipation  -           Thirty days

o   Cancer          -           12 Months

o   Arthritis        -           For a long time

In addition to benefit is that when your body functions well you are able to work efficiently with happy mood and face the society effectively and arrestives if most of the younger generation follow these instructions and if the adults can influence them, the world will be with more healthy people