Active the following instruction to achieve it. The beauty of your legs and hands does a prominent role in your pleasant features. The 1st impression about a woman lies in her beautiful hands and legs.

  •  For dry skin of legs take 3 drops of ground nut oil some gingerly oil and vinegar and olive oil and mix well so apply few drop of the mixture on skin and massage for 10 minutes.

  • Feeling fatigue on legs. Put some sandal wood powder ripen avocado pears in to boil water bowl and mix so dip your legs in it for 30 minutes.

  •    If legs are off coloured and weary looking boil some and drain put few drops armand oil lavender oil in to the drained garcinia cambogia liquid. Dip your legs in prepared for 20 minutes and wash. To get rid of dryness on your hands.

  •  Talee two spoonfuls of alovera jel some milk and two drops of sandalwood oil and mix them together. Then apply some of the mixture on your hands.

  • For damage finger nails and toe nails take one spoonful of olive oil, 3 vitamin E capsules and one tea Alovera jel and mix together?

  • Apply them on your damaged finger nails and toe nails one hour before this treatment drop two drops of Candazole liquid which can be bought from the pharmacy. 

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