How technology has affected our lives

Over the years technology has revolutionized our perspective of the world positively and negatively. Technology has provided amazing tools and resources continuously. With this, any persons in modern world can get most useful information at their fingertips.

You know at this moment, technology has been leading to the luxurious lifestyle of mankind. Every human living in the world, has experienced the change in their life with technology.

You may not directly feel the massive change what makes convenient our lifestyle. Because, technology has a gradual transformation in our lives. We can categorize the effect of the development of technology into various parts.

· Impact on medical side

Think about the physical and mental condition with advancement of science.

Positive side of health

We know lot of things, how technology is bad for us. Don’t be misled only to highlight the negative sides of the technology when there are plenty of positive sides. Let’s us look at the advantage of the technology which has brought to both patients and professionals. With the development of medical facilities, it has saved countless lives.

Moreover, it has a huge impact on medical processes and practices of healthcare. The written paper records have been replaced by the introduction of Electronic Health Records ( EHR ).

Nurses and technicians are able to input patient’s data in computerized systems. The most important factor is EHRs provide the data such as allergies or intolerances to certain medicines.

You know, Technology has invented modern machines such as Computerized Axial Tomography Machine (CAT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (MRI), Electro Cardiogram Machine and Cardiac Screening Machine to investigate the serious sicknesses.

Furthermore, when we talk about telemedicine system, while a surgery is done by surgeons, they can get the experts’ instructions online with this technology.

Negative side of health

Technology may have large impact on someone’s physical and mental health. Being addicted to digital devices, it can cause psychological issues such as distraction and depression. It’s no good.

Another alarming fact is the sense of isolation. With use of mobile phones and laptops browsing internet and social media more and more, you will be left in the world of your own leaving out the people around you. When you are hibernating with your own laptop or smartphone, you become an abnormal person without proper mental situation.

Furthermore, it may cause vision problems, hearing loss and neck strain. But, these health problems can be cured fortunately.

· Impact on education

Technology invades every aspect of over lives today, education is no exception. In expanded education system, we can find educational resources such as books, images, videos and audios through the internet. You will be able to empower yourself with knowledge.

So, instructions for students from tutorials to theory lessons have been transformed. These changes have become much easier for education. These changes have been incredibly transformed how to learn and what you can learn.

How nice to say the benefits again and again. Today, anyone form anywhere is able to sign up for any task irrespectively of his background.

You will be surprised to know that many of these courses are facilitated by top university professors. Technology has opened the bracket of learning knowledge easily. Students have flexibility of learning at the location and at the time they want.

Nowadays, universally recognized certificates can be obtained by anybody on online schooling with the development of technology. The child based education system has replaced the previous education system. Students use modern technology in classroom in order to learn better.

· Impact on Communication

Appearance of numerous electronic communication systems have been invented with the continuous advance in technology.

These advanced technical tools have helped us to eliminate the time waste. The obstacle of the distance for effective communication has minimized. This is beneficial not only for education and business but for our personal relationship.

So, technology has improved globalization techniques. This opportunity enhances communication with each other who are living in overseas.

In the past, letters have sent by mail. But unfortunately, letters have misplaced or got late while delivering. However, today no such phenomenon, people can just send a message to inform what you need.

Technology is ladder to climb maximum luxurious life. Regarding to the cyber world you need to be balanced between the cyber world and the real world. Advancement might be incredible and important in today’s society. So, you must be careful not to devote your time for cyber world that you should spend with your friends and family. That can create memorable experience for you.

· Paying bills and transfer money

No more to enter bank to withdraw money or transfer money for someone. It can be done online even staying at home. Then, you can do all necessary bill payments simply and online, thanking technology.

Likewise, you don’t need to carry money with you while you are shopping. Your pet card makes convenient for you to pay bills at the cashier. You know, now we can use e-banking system too. Then, we can manage daily payments of our own business connecting with bank’s system online. It enhances our daily works easily.

· Digital addiction and breeding habits

Today, we have adopted new habits and behaviours with the development of technology. Use of social media and internet at large is a great problem for the parents. So, some of them converts the technology as a toy, they don’t think what happens to their creativity and brain development. Therefore, they lose power of brain.

Most of people in country are addicted to use their smartphones. Without a mobile device makes rising in instant boredom.

With the use of artificial intelligence, social media companies are able to glue users to the internet. It’s true that we have to think about it again.

So, the user becomes addicted to the interesting images and videos posted on interface of the social media platforms.

Finally, user becomes difficult to quit the apps because of the addiction.

On the other hand, we have to think about internet crimes which are increasing with new techniques. If anybody wants to kill somebody, it is no matter to harm physically. He can kill him by destroying his dignity with skill of the new technology. There, anybody can invade someone’s privacy to public and tarnish the reputation.

You must keep in your mind, we have to think as right minded people before dealing with technology tools.

· Impact on Busy lifestyle and Mankind

You know, there are positive and negative effects with the development of the technology. I like to say about a simple fact,

Even taking selfies in the risky areas neglecting all dangerous happenings. Sometimes it may have chance to lose your life too. My personal opinion is that taking selfies in more dangerous places where we know the danger, is a mania.

With the addiction to the newly invented tools, people depart from the emotional care of nature and humanity.

Nowadays, people aren’t able to think critically because of that artificial intelligent has invented for the future generation.

If people may think that why should we think? We have search engines to get information like that,

You know, there is no point of thinking like that, because search engines give all the information depriving our skills of thinking.

With invention of gun powder, nuclear weapons, machine guns and artilleries, used by worst minded people, ethnic wars are spreading. So, innocent children and people are devastated continuously in the world.

The world people have to face,
  • air pollution, 
  • Water pollution 
  • Soil pollution 
  • Noise pollution and Radioactive pollution 
Spoiling the health of all the people in the world. The most harmful pollution is the radioactive pollution destroying all human beings in the world. It can never be repaired and can’t protect green environment which gives life to mankind living safely.


Finally, I can say, despite the apparent negative sides highlighted, impact of technology on any side is overall positive.

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