How cell phones have changed us socially.

How cell phones have changed us socially.

May I introduce cell phones as one of the defining technologies of the early 21st century? More than 90 percent of American adults own at least one cell phone. However, it has negative social consequences and it can bring many benefits too. Mobile technology allows us today to interact with others which the previous generation couldn’t experience.
Modern technology and outlook of cell phones give us a feeling to be owned them. It feeds a charming sensation into our brain and desire to become an owner of a modern phone. Most of the countries in the world, they have started using these technics to their development and economical sides in large scale. Through the phones, people can communicate information from anywhere at any time.

That’s why people get attracted with cell phones.

 You know,
 Cellular phones have had a major impact on our day to day lives and the way we manage everyday tasks. Most of them are apparent changers while others we may not even be think of. It has given a new meaning to the term   multi -tasking. You may remember about thirty years ago, it was impossible to communicate with a person who was long distance away.
My main objective is to highlight how phones make positive or negative impact on our social life. How it affects to the family bonds and neighbours. It’s unfortunate that interact with family members and neighbours have diminished due to cell phones.

Can you remember in the past?
 How we chat with a person on our way home. Then we had a great friendly manner for the conversation with him or her. But today it’s clear that the whole society has changed. People always stick with cell phones giving up the contact with them.
 It is not a secret,
                            that the family bonds among   members have broken with the cell phone communication.
Furthermore,   as an example think about a person who is waiting for a bus at the bus halt. You may see how he pulls out his cell phone to search gossips or play games. But he is unaware that he misses the golden opportunity to make a new friend. Alas. It’s a pity to hear that he breaks the friendship with neighbours whom he makes happy throughout his life.

But cell phone is a great asset in aiding in our everyday, you must keep this massage in your mind, you should pay your attention to the world around you using cell phones.
It’s true. Phone is an electronic device that a person can connect with people through radio waves. There is a pertinent question raised by experts.
Is this electric gadget affecting mental health?

 Like all good other things with a high value, this can affect one’s physical and mental health. It is proved. So experts show this can cause direct brain warming, tumours, memory impairment brain damage and leading to cancers.
Moreover, you don’t see an immediately unhealthy visible symptoms. When you use phones for a long time. But keep in your mind prolong use of the phones lead to mental health disorder anxiety and depression. 

  I strongly recommend that the unnecessary usage of cell phones by school children in bad way must be curbed.

Is your child insisting for mobile phone for his birthday? Otherwise, are you thinking of giving a mobile phone to your child? Because of security reasons. That’s a good decision. It’s true.
 But you think one moment, is your decision completely correct?  Have you ever thought about adverse effects of mobile phones? If no, listen to my words carefully and realize what effects do cell phones on them . According to the research of Pew Research Centre.80% children aged between 12 and 17 have cell phones. They don’t use it to call their parents. But to use them phone to do unnecessary activities.

 Actually this is an international problem to be solved as the children are the assets of the world.  It’s no matter of using cell phones by children. But problem arises when they are being addicted to phone.

Normally, they log on the social media and automatically tends to view vulgar pictures and videos. No doubts that nobody in the wold can bare this happening. Hereafter, they are wasting time and spoiling their education.

It is well known that drug trafficking is done through the internet. So, small children can be victimized easily because of using cell phones in bad way.   So, we indicate one thing requesting, you have responsibility to teach your children about mobile phones to use safely and in correct way. It may be a reason to avoid negative effects of cell phones on your children as we expect.
Dear friends, although it is harmful for teenager, it has established communication channels across the seas and borders. It has significantly transformed the mode of communication much effectively for people’s convenience. You see, it can be considered as a tool for social presence and better exposure.

Innovation and development of phones with scientific technology, the thinking pattern of the new generation has changed widely. Latest cell phones and social media have been armed with following main factors,

They are

Excellent way to contact people
Chance to learn new things
Exposing on a global scale
Ease of using applications
Commercially developed advantages
Growth of learning and cancer

Not only that,
I would like to say it provides new avenue to gather with people. But also, it paves way to get good ideas. You know .it builds up strong bond in your professional life helping to grow quickly. Then you can enhance your working life.
Your phone has already replaced your camera, your calendar, your wristlet and your calculator.

You remember not to replace your family time with your matter how hard it is to control the use of phones instead of avoiding them completely. You should be alert about the time duration spent with cell phones.

Please try to get a break them every once in a while. Though what one may think, addiction to phone is just a satisfaction. But think about family members, neighbours and you. Mobile phone has no limit what you can do. Sometimes it may be limitless utility. Sometimes cell phone may be a worst thing to destroy your life too. You know, cell phones has been changing us socially day by day.

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