Amazing facts about human brain.

Today I’m going to deal with amazing facts about human brain.

The brain which is the most important organ of human is being the most amazing creation of the nature. It is a highly sensitive and complex organ and being at the top of the body covered with a skull.

The blood flow continuously goes through the brain spontaneously making the brain cells alive. The blood flow is highly concentrated with oxygen and glucose.

Brain has about hundred billion neurons

You see, your brain has about hundred billion neurons as many stars as in the Milky Way galaxy. Each of these, neurons is connected to others by synapses, the junctions between neurons. They are not fixed.

Neuroplasticity of the brain

Next amazing fact is neuroplasticity of the brain. This property of the brain is most important. The junctions between neurons call synapses which can appear or disappear.

Furthermore, newly born neurons can produce continuously throughout our lifespan. This process is called neuro-genesis.

Neuro cells of the brain send signals at a speed of hundred meters per second. This speed is necessary to send the signals as fast as possible.

Partitions of the brain

Normally, the human brain is divided into two hemisphere. They are left and right hemispheres connected by a bundle of nerve fibers. Parts of your brain has particular functions and they aren’t entirely symmetrical.

We have to look at the responsibilities of the left brain. It controls all the muscles on right hand side of the body. As an example language procession occurs mostly on the left of brain. Furthermore, it controls the logical side of the human beings, ability of science and mathematics, number skills and analytic thoughts are the other functions.

Moreover, the right brain controls the left side of the body. It controls creativity, imaginations, art and music awareness and left hand functions.

It’s no doubt that you are fascinated by the facts that I presented so far about the worthy brain.

I have to present some more interesting facts of brain for your awareness.

Although some animals can regenerate neurons, human beings can’t regenerate cells of the central neurons system. Your 100 billion neurons do different types of jobs.

Although your brain only makes about less than 3% of your whole body. It takes up a 20% of energy to operate the functions of the brain. Most of this energy uses to maintain brain.

Normally the size of brain is immaterial on the massive functions that the brain has to carry out.

Human brain is mostly made of water

No doubt, your brain is made up mostly of water. That’s why, when the brain is dehydrated, you feel dizzy and memory is malfunctioning. Always the brain needs liquid nutrients. Keep in your mind brain cells can’t survive without oxygen and glucose.

Hyper efficiency of brain

You know,

It is unbelievable that the capability of illuminating light bulb by the power brain. How can such a small body part is capable of generating electricity.

As you may know or not? The brain is working mostly on electrical impulses.

This helps us to think and to act the way of we do.

The most amazing thing, if you can measure these electrical impulses, you will discover that your brain consumes about 25 watts of power while you are awake.

Can think faster than a computer?

Dear friends,

The human brain can think faster than a computer. Normally our brain can compute 10 to 13 and 10 to 16 operations per second.

Actually, the human brain can solve computing problems much quicker than a computer.

Now, I am pointing out another fascinating fact about the brain. Our brain always likes to fool us. Basically, it likes to select whatever you are holding about the world. The brain never logically likes to accept the ideas against the awareness still in the brain, although evidence is really true.

Another amazing fact is that brain surgery can be performed while the patient is awake. The brain has no pain receptors and feels no pain.

Furthermore brain has the ability to wander. So when the brain is at rest, thoughts are almost active always, such as day dreaming.

Another thing is that it has short working memory and can hold on average a maximum of seven digits. That’s why, in America you have got seven digit numbers for telephones.

Music and brain

Most of the scientists argue that there is no evidence of increasing power of mind by playing classical music for babies.

However, it is found another important fact you to see babies who play musical instrument can develop their mental skill rather than those who don’t play musical instruments.

To promote the brain development of a child, you should urge the child to read and talk aloud in front of them. You should not expect to talk politely from your child.

Blood vessels in your brain

I have to say another fine thing. If you can laid out all the blood vessels in your brain end to end, they would stretch half way to the moon. It’s about one hundred and twenty thousand miles.

The flow of blood in your blood vessels through the brain, with nutrients stimulates the brain. So, this helps to promote the power of the brain. When you become tired. Some physical changes take part in the body. As an example,

When you are feeling tired? You start yawning. It cools down the brain. When you don’t sleep, brain temperature rises. Then, yawning helps to cool down your brain temperature.

Another amazing fact is that neurons increase by more than 200 000 neurons per minute in someone who is pregnant? But scientists have no answer, exactly what causes this?

So, it can be assumed that learning new ideas remembering all ones can be much easier for someone who is pregnant?

I’m very happy to give you very fascinating and amazing facts and figures about the highly sophisticated and worthy brain. If you are able to enhance your knowledge with my speech, I feel that I have achieved my goal.
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