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    Thursday, May 10, 2018



    What is artificial intelligence?

    This is your calculator smart phones in your banks and cars. You play video games using a artificial intelligence. 

    John Mccarthy is one of the founding father of Artificial Intelligence together with Marvin Minisky.
    It is made with the by programming the qualities of the thoughts of human brain you can use the Artificial Intelligent to get the instant solutions for the problems. For getting best answer to from a robotic mobile agents data is programmed in data base new data is activated by this.

    The scientist’s hope is to create a computer with the intelligence of a intelligent man robot technics and auto activated vehicles have been produced  by the man today the concept of molecular computer /DNA and biological computer have been come to the hands of the scientists by now.

    The digital personal assistants  such as siri   Google now and cortina are known to us. The idea of Microsoft is that Cortina continuously in touch with the user. This can be developed the ability to  anticipated user’s needs.

    Today at is widely discussed in bushiness world and technologists and it is very popular among them.  At  is considered as future by experts and industry analysts but we feel that it the present not the  future the technology  is at its basic level and companies are investigating resources in machine indicating groth in at products and apps soon.
    There we can consider  that at is the branch of computer science that help the progress of intelligence machines working and thinking like humans. The help of at humans become tires of the work, but machine produce with at never become tired and its work is accurate. If  it matches the human intelligence and thinking pattern may be able to account for many of the requirements of the human. It can the fields of artificial intelligence are as follows.

    1.      Recognition of optical character
    2.      Applications list
    3.      Recognition of speech
    4.      Recognition of handwriting
    5.      Recognition of face
    6.      Artificial creativity
    7.      Diagnosis
    8.      Strategic planning and game theory    

    Furthermore computer vision and artificial intelligence share the topics such as pattern recognition and learning techniques. So computer vision is sometimes seen as a part of artificial intelligence. Furthermore machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) are not the same but both have some parallels (ML) and AI are used for handling data both often use interchangeably countries.

    The importance of Artificial Intelligence

    (AI) technology is used in the day to day life of the human today. The machine designed and programmed to think like a human. So has become a part of the people unlock  the phones can be with face and smart speakers have come to the world with improved  power of AI  is entering into the other areas of life such as health care some hospitals in some other countries  testing for software’s to check images for signs of diabetic nephropathy AI is present in plenty of applications.
    Today we are at the verge of the influence of AI for the development or the destruction normally this technique  is used by all the aspamies in the world secretly.                                                                                                                                                  


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